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Re: Head iM78
« on: May 07, 2010, 08:15:27 am »
I think we all know by now that one's impressions, and subsequent preferences, likes/dislikes of particular skis is entirely subjective.? There are a lot of factors and variables at work here. some tangible, some intangible.? The tangible ones are obvious -- skier weight, ski stiffness, ski dimensions, power and aggressiveness of the skier, skill level, etc......? The intangible ones are things like biases of the skier for or against a certain brand, graphics (yes, it matters, subtly perhaps), and the exclusivity or reputation of a brand in the ski world.

In my limited skiing life, I have been on skis that others have hated (too stiff, too damp...whatever), whereas I have loved them -- they work exceedingly well for me, but not for others (eg. my Mythic Riders).? Conversely, I have skied ones that I have hated, but others fawn over and write gushing reviews of (eg. Contact 4x4) well for some, but not for me.

My point is that it is inappropriate to pan or overtly c**p on another person's preferences for a certain ski or brand, just because it doesn't fit with one's own vision of the "ideal ski" or a "great ski".? If it works for someone, and they like its attributes and the performance suits their needs, weight, ability level and style, helps them become a better skier and enjoy more of the mountain, well then let them enjoy it.  Praise them for a choice well made, and just let them get out there and have fun with it.? Everyone is different, and there is no such thing as a single "Best Ski" for everyone.? Live and let live, and let's all enjoy this great sport and not try to foist our biases on others.

Hope I don't put anyone's nose out of joint with my comments.? No offense intended.? Just trying to put things here in a different perspective.....

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