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Re: Head iM78
« on: May 07, 2010, 07:36:22 am »
its a good ski but it's boring. that's why so many get bought and dumped so quickly. I owned it for 2 runs.... The MX78 OTH, is a fun, energetic ski that can be skied in a wider variety with a much higher fun-factor. I don't think there's more to it. Its a good ski, just boring. my opinion only, your experience may vary and that's fine.

Borrowed from a current Epic thread:

quote: "I kinda got the same impressions re the 176 Kastle M78 in that it carved a little better than a 177 Head iM78, but was less forgiving and not as versatile in mixed conditions, esp. soft manky spring crud where the tips of the iM78 floated easier..
The Kastle was a handful whereas the Head was like-cheating-easy..
Also the M78 didn't ski at slow speeds nearly as well.
So YMMV on these 2 skis which perform at the top of their class."
quote ends

Wow, someone has the b_____s to compare the performance of the Head and Kastle 78 and give the edge, in some areas to the Head. Talk about unenlightend idiots!

But isn't "boring" a summary judgment of a lot individual factors, including the objectivity of the person making the observation. The Head 78 did not elicit a similar response from Sven in the OP. Of course, he was at the base of a really great mountain getting in some turns late in the season and just trying to live the moment. All I can say is "Carpe Diem".