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Re: Head iM78
« on: May 04, 2010, 08:28:06 am »
Because of a pro PMTS bias, I would guess the IM78 has been skied by many who post here. I bought a pair fully intending to ski them this past season. I did spend one day on them at my local eastern mountain and thought the IM78  to be a very nice ski. A few days later, I did a demo day with Phil and was seduced by the Kastle MX88. Philpug had a customer very interested in the 78 and did a great trade to get me on the Kastle.

But back to the IM78, a ski somewhat dated by today's fascination with fatter skis and newer models. No longer any real buzz and it would be ho-humed in an Epic review. I bought mine for less than $200 on Epic and they were used for 2 days and perfect when I got them.

But it still skis great for someone interested in carving at some higher speed or in broken snow! Maybe not a true classic ski but they will be seen on the mountain for a long time. A great value ski.

We trash some fine equipment much too soon. I have a 20 year old touring bike and it works great riding trails or hills . I couldn't sell it on Craigslist for $150. I'm sure we all have similar equipment stories. It's shameful.