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Re: 2011 Kastle MX98 178
« on: April 26, 2010, 09:18:24 am »
It is female specific in the graphics and length really. It's not a noodle by any means. I will get on one in the fall/winter. It's a really sweet ski. For steeper, more technical lines, I would like it to be much less in TR but for bombing around its a very nice ski. They did a very nice job on the rocker.  This is a ski that women should be testing for sure. I think with the energy in thier ski's this would be a fun pow/soft snow ski

Nice job Jim! I will be skiing the new Keeper this winter. 150-119-140.  Moderate tip rocker, slight tail, they did an excellent job on the design, Moderate flex, a bit stiff than the Nomad SFT but softer than the tradtional flex. Not sure where the Nomad will fit in on my quiver, but the kastle mx98 will be my everyday and the Keeper will be my powder board.