Author Topic: Demo report: Contact 4x4; Contact Cross Ti; Progressor 9+; Mach 3  (Read 766 times)


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Ok so Svend got some Progressors being delivered shortly and he's been so happy, he's been (as all Vikings do) cow squats with Farmer Jones favorite milker, Bessy! He's getting ready for one more fling with the Canadian Rockies.

Cow squats?  ???  Say what? Is that one 'o them-thar newfangled isometric workouts, Gary? Not even sure the Vikings had cows.  Probably had domesticated walruses.

My fling in the Rockies will be without the eagerly-anticipated Progressors, unfortunately.  I am going west for some project work, and have enough gear and luggage to schlep without lugging a ski bag along too.  Will rent some cool skis, though.....Peak 78, and Nordica Nitrous. Should be fun, and I will post reviews here.