Author Topic: New 2011 Head Super Shapes!!  (Read 576 times)


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Re: New 2011 Head Super Shapes!!
« on: March 22, 2010, 10:41:53 am »
JB, nice write up. Demo'ing the new SS is an item in the bucket to get done next ski season. Demo'ing anything at Big Sky would also be in that same bucket. We'll see.

I've never considered the basic SS a demanding ski and the PMTS forum feedback is that of a versatile ski which can be enjoyed by less skilled skiers. Could you comment more about the more demanding skills needed to fully use the new SS. Is is closer to a SL or GS ski?

I find Head's front side carver ski marketing is so confusing and they compete with themselves in what seems to be a declining market share. I see just so few skiers doing the PMTS short radius, high angle turns that the SS supports. Does anyone really need to demo 4 skis (SS, magnum, speed and Icon) from the same company to find the "ideal" ski? I may not be the best reviewer of skis, and, am sure not the skier that you are, but, I would be pretty happy on any of them. My basic old SS is versatile in the range of speeds I use it at here in the east. At my limited level of bump skiing, getting a better mogule ski is not of great importance. It appears to be fine tuning of differences rather than a unique ski.  I've demo'd the Magnum and the Icon 80 and perhaps there would be a slight favorite in the Icon.

For sure, Head needs to change from the traditional SS design if for nothing else than to generate interest in a new ski as they can't  just sell the same old ski. Still, I'd find it difficult to say goodbye to my SS's just to go to another pair of Head narrow waisted carvers. Not saying the "WOW" factor could not be there, but, until I experience it, I remain my skeptical self.