Author Topic: Thermix boot heaters; feedback please  (Read 699 times)


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Re: Thermix boot heaters; feedback please
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cool! Yes, no need to torture the dogs. There are a lot of great boots out there. I also like the Head boots & Solis. Nordie's and Atomics are very close to each other. For that matter, almost all boots are made within a stones throw to each other in Italy. I am partial to the Dalbello's for the 3 buckle design and ID liner performance. The ankle pockets are usually a little wide but a donut on the ankle and a properly molded liner took care of that issue.? The ID's dont really pack in either, once they are set, they don't really loosen much, if at all.

Bottom line, you are not the same skier you were 6 years ago, or as you were last season (you are hugely better) and boots have changed dramatically.
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