Author Topic: Thermix boot heaters; feedback please  (Read 699 times)


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Re: Thermix boot heaters; feedback please
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FWIW, a 6 year old boot that was origianlly fit and intended for a skier that has greatly improved, coupled with huge improvements in boot desing and performance means Lynn should be looking for a killer deal on new boots..... You need to get out of those boots your in. I repsectfully strongly disageree that boots should be stiff and uncomfortable, the old design is gone, almost all boots are now designed with the hinge points equal and lowered ( an old issue of HH's which was IMHO correct) but this is no longer the case. next time you are in a shop, slip on a couple different pairs and see the difference. Personally, a Dalbello Storm, lotus or Karizma would be a great boot choice but there are others. Super warm and confortable, soft/medium flex with the ability to customize, flex, lean and more. Excellent lateral stability. It's not a race boot but who needs a race boot?