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Re: Thermix boot heaters; feedback please
« on: May 04, 2009, 08:18:47 am »
There is a shop in our neck of the woods, which encourages you to "test drive" their boots.? They will ski with you to make their observations, watch you on video, etc. generally spending a few days focused on the task of fitting the skier with the proper boots.
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I am pretty sure that Lynn will get her boots from Harald (and I will my next pair as well).  What you describe is the basics of Harald's approach.  First is static measurement of the foot and leg. Where does the center of mass of the knee fall over the foot when standing? When flexed?  Then the ankle.  What is the range of motion of the ankle?  Then the heel.  This is where I found out why I always had trouble getting pressure to the big toe side of the boot, it was because I had an 'uncompensated' forefoot varus (see link below).  Anyway, then they put the boot together, then they analyze your skiing, then they experiment with shims to determine whether skiing is better with different canting, then they incorporate that alignment revision into your boots.  It is a pretty comprehensive process that meshes well with their camps, because the alignment is included as part of the overall skier improvement program.

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