Author Topic: Head iM 78's vs. Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner's?  (Read 280 times)


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Head iM 78's vs. Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner's?
« on: October 31, 2008, 06:44:34 pm »
 Head iM 78's vs. Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner's?

Hi all, I torn between these two skis - I was wondering what people thought?

Right now I'm looking for a quiver of two - a pair of BD Kilowatts (95 underfoot) mounted up w/ Dynafits, and either the 78's or the Afterburner's for 90% of my inbound skiing.

I'm a 5'9, 160lb aggressive skier from the east, probably the intermediate side of advanced, spending a season out in Fernie and then likely relocating out east again.
Gear wise - I have been skiing a pair of Head X-20's for the better part of the past decade and am completly overskiing them. Tried on some Salomon 1080 Gun's at Mt. St. Anne - way too soft and noodly - but amazingly better then what I'm skiing!
Boots: Salomon X-wave 9's.

Out east I carve down all of the black groomers and enjoy bumps and trees, so I'm looking for a ski that handles that and will be stable when going entirely too fast on the groomers!
Out west these will be my day-to-day ski, but I also want them to preform out east!

Looking at the Head Monster's (78 and 82) and the Afterburner's very seriously.
Also looking at the Vokl AC50's (likly too stiff - esp for the bumps! and not forgiving enough), Dynastar 8000's (not stiff enough - felt kinda funky in the store), Line Profit 90's (too wide).
Looked at the Salomon Lords - kinda warned away from them though.

What are people's thoughts? Any others to be looking at?
Looking for a really versatile all mountain ski w/ a lot of get-up-and-go and power at the top end, but also a wide sweet spot so that I'm thinking more about the skiing then the skis.


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Re: Head iM 78's vs. Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner's?
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2009, 11:53:23 am »

First I think the Vokl is too much ski for you.  The ski is big and requires skill to ski.  I know of two people who ski it.  One is a true advanced/expert and the other is at your level.   Draw you own conclusions as to why I suggest you stay away from it.   As for me I've skied the Head and found it fun.  Fun is a good place to be as it allows skill development.  Haven't skied the Nordica so can't comment.  My vote is go with the Head's!.