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Blizzard Argos
« on: September 26, 2008, 06:40:05 pm »
Blizzard Argos, 180, 130-101-116 With 5-14 bindings  (pornounced like the snow storm).  Sandwich construction.
26.5 m tr
Blizzard is an old name but a totally new and fresh approach. Top notch website with embedded ski reviews, well laid out. OK, nothing to do witht he ski but it all goes together. The skis are still made in austria, the look and feel is high quality. Not that I give the ski rags much credit but just look how many of the line is reviewed. Peter also praises them.

The Argos It really has the feel of a Fischer, light for it's size. The flex is progressive, starting with a softish tip and progresses to a rather stiff underfoot feel, then mellowing out in the narrow tail. I love the binding interface, it's molded into the ski itself, ensuring a tight, reactive interface. The new bindings feature the ability to swap out bindings with other Blizzards or going with a Duke. The 5.14 binding features a duke heel; a wider platform that directs more energy directy to the ski. Cool stuff!  You mount the binding by sliding it into the integrated rails and locking it in with one screw in one of two points. I had mine put into the forward point. Upon clicking in my boot, it was almost perfectly balanced, slightly forward! Perfect for me, but you could slide back or cheat the binding as it adjusts to boot sole length (bsl) on the rail.  I also love the base material, its a verty fine and seemingly durable material.

I need to get these babies on the snow but this just makes it worse! 

If anyone is looking for more info or pricing on any of the Blizzards, Contact Tim at Alpine high ski shop.