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Bindings for Mythic Riders
« on: May 06, 2008, 09:06:56 am »
I am going to purchase in the next day or so, a pair of Mythic Riders in a 178 cm length. I am 6'2" (182-188 lbs, depending on season) and I try to ski more off piste and in the Pacific NW. I ski agressively but with a combinations of old-school and modern technique. I currently have a pair of '08 Legend 8000 (178 cm) with the Dynastar/Look PX12 Fluid system (rail) binding. I like the skis but I also like the MRs and would use those on deeper snow and crud days in the PNW. I would be more likely to travel with the 8000 series.

I have tried the MRs with a PX12 demo binding alongside my 8000s with their Fluid system. I felt that the flat demo mount gave the MRs a measurable softer and more continuous flex from below the heel through the tip while the 8000s/Fluid system (contrary to many forums) felt measurably stiffer, particularly under the boot and forward. The MRs seemed to have a stiffer tail while the 8000s a softer tail. I am suspecting that the fluid rail is what stiffens up the 8000s

I really liked the seemingly softer flex of the MR with the demo binding. I can get a great price on flat MR or the MR with the fluid binding for just  about $50 more. If the stiffness of the 8000 was really due to the combination with the Fluid system I am tending towards getting the MR flat and adding PX12 Ti Lifters but with a significant increase in cost. But I really don't know how the MR with the Fluid system would feel.

Has anyone tried the 178 MR (or comaparable size) with the Fluid system and with a flat mount? Any recommendations. I really liked the MRs with the PX12 demo binding, but the Fluid system is tempting for its great price.


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Re: Bindings for Mythic Riders
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2008, 03:18:47 pm »
No direct experience, but will share what I have heard others say.

Many people prefer flat mounting for powder skis because it gives them more feel for the snow.? Most Rail systems have a certain amount (20mm or so) of stack height built in; this helps a lot with adding leverage in tipping the wide ski on groomed surfaces, but also detracts some from the snow feel.? Also, rail systems usually have a floating heel or toe (or both) so that the DIN pressure stays more constant and so that the boot itself doesn't stiffen the ski as it flexes.? Unless the demo mount had some sort of rail or floating heel piece, you've already found that you like the flex of the ski with (basically) a flat mount.

Summary.? The bird in the hand.? You know that you like the feel of the ski with a 'flat mount', assuming that this was how the demo ski was mounted.? You really aren't planning on using the ski on groomed surfaces that much, so the leverage of the lifter doesn't seem important, I would go with the flat mount.

Also, FWIW, the whole purpose of most of the "plate systems" is to free the boot/binding from stiffening the ski and they are designed and mounted such that they float on the ski and don't change the flex of the ski (very much), so I doubt that the Fluid plate is stiffening the 8000, but that's based on my understanding of plates in general and not the Fluid.? ?
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