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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
« Reply #75 on: June 09, 2008, 12:58:17 pm »
glad you enjoyed your super high calorie,sugar-filled, artificially flavored drink :)

I made a killer iced espresso Sunday as a matter of fact. two double-shots with some 1% milk. No sugar necessary. All natural and delicious. Quite delicious! I liked it better than regular iced coffe by far. Sven, if you haven't tried this, you have to. Just pull two doppios and pour right over a pint glass filled with ice, top off with milk. Those great flavors of the expresso really come through.

I looked at the recipe, easy enough! I could improve that a little:  Steam the milk first, adding the Scharffenberger dark chocolate powder. Very low in sugar. Steaming the milk makes it much sweeter and the dark chocolate is much better tasting that chocolate syrup (artificially flavored) stuff. Instead of coffee, use the espresso, The flavors are much more pronounced.

PS- Our machines are not coffee machines... (how obnoxious) >:D

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