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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
« Reply #150 on: August 06, 2008, 09:55:18 pm »
Content filter?! Seriously Jim.  You mean Ron's hernia looks like a ski run to the DIR gizmo? Mind you, there is a lot of orangey-red stuff  in there, so maybe it mistook the hernia for a Cassara wipe out -- limbs unrecognizable, shapeless heap, clad in orange.  I could see why a pic of a high-end espresso grinder just wouldn't pass, compared to that.

Yes, underneath the text entry area there should be underlined text that says "Additional Options".
You click on that, and you should get a display that lets you browse and find a picture on your local harddrive and upload it.  There is a size limit of 256KB, since the host site only allows 10 mb of pictures total. 

Not a limit on space.  Are you not seeing the file browse option after you click "Additional Options" or is the picture not uploading?  If the latter, then I would crop or change the picture to get it less than 256K.  If you are on Windows, you can right click on the file and select Properties and to see how big the file is.
Jim, you are correct...I am not seeing the file browse option under Additional Options.  As I said, it used to be there, just after Ye Holy Administrator made it so a few months back, but now all I see is "Return to this topic" and "Don't use smileys"...that's all.  Perplexing....

And yes, Lynn, coffee is definitely part of the ski experience.  We bought a little plug-in Bialetti espresso pot just for ski trips, to get the motor revved and the senses sharpened before hitting the slopes.  Nothing like a good strong brew first thing in the morning.  As for apres, we use it to concoct a drink called Elephant Nuts (copied shamelessly from the backside lodge at Lake Louise), which contains espresso, Amarula, Frangelico and whipped cream.  Let me tell you, it warms your toes and turns your tired muscles to jello....sweet!

Cheers, all!