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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
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Ron, I'm trying to post a pic from my hard drive, not from a remote URL.? I used to be able to do this a few months ago when The Administrator gave us privileges to do so.? I just clicked on Additional Options (I think) and there was a menu item for uploading a pic.? Any ideas? How do you do it?

Yes, underneath the text entry area there should be underlined text that says "Additional Options".
You click on that, and you should get a display that lets you browse and find a picture on your local harddrive and upload it.? There is a size limit of 256KB, since the host site only allows 10 mb of pictures total.?

Not a limit on space.? Are you not seeing the file browse option after you click "Additional Options" or is the picture not uploading?? If the latter, then I would crop or change the picture to get it less than 256K.? If you are on Windows, you can right click on the file and select Properties and to see how big the file is.

Svend, maybe your are a victim of the new "content filter".? ?::)? If the picture doesn't have skis or an obvious skier in it, then it won't upload the picture.? Since this is a ski forum, the "content filter" looks at all of the pixels and looks for patterns and colors that have been determined to be part of normal ski pictures (such as lots of white snow, edges like the edge of a ski, and orange parkas) and refuses to download things that aren't related to skiing.  I think it is called DIR (Digital Image Recognition).

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