Author Topic: coffee, french press and espresso  (Read 2086 times)


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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
« Reply #75 on: May 21, 2008, 03:05:42 pm »
I really need to get a grinder with a good, adjustable doser.  It would make this so much easier.  The Proline doesn't have one, so I scoop out the grounds out of the glass bin into the PF.  Rather inexact, but it works OK.  I just spent my discretionary funds for the next couple of months on the new skis, so a grinder will have to wait a while....sigh.

But hey, here's something we use for traveling, which you might find neat for ski trips -- an electric Bialetti moka pot.  It makes 3 espresso cups in about 2 minutes, and fits in your suitcase.  We have an older version, and it works great.  If we want a latte in the morning, we get some milk in a small carton from a corner store, zap it in the microwave in the hotel room, and Presto! a passable latte.  An Anita it's not, but tastes way better than hotel coffee any day.