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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
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My wife went to D&D yesterday. They'd only give her one ice coffee because it was only her in the vehicle. She was trying to get another for a co-worker.

Oh and Ron, we have a D&D and gift card that we use and reload exlusively for skiing. It's stashed away in the center consol of my Jeep. When we found the shortcut to Mt. Snow, it bypassed the D&D. McDonald's provides a suiteable alternative. Problem is, it's a bit of a hike from the mountain and I start to get sleepy before we arrive. I'm thinking next season I'll have to take my chances with the "God only knows how long this sh_t has been sitting here" Green Mountain coffe at the 7-11 about 5 minutes from the mountain. I'm just in it for the cafine.