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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
« Reply #45 on: May 16, 2008, 08:21:12 am »
The iM78's are still my Clorado/Utah ski.? I really like their feel.? I changed from the i.SL chip (66mm waist) to the Magnum (70mm wasit) for local hills and northeast skiing after Peter named it his "skill development ski of the year" and PatProf's comments about it (he was in my group at my first Harb camp).? I'm probably going to take a Harb camp next year as well.

Following you guys around pointed out some skill development needs and better conditioning. Thank YOU for the wake up call.

I even noticed how good the arm position is in Lynn's picture, I had never heard Harald's desire to see daylight under the arms before, as a small example.

By the way, you can feel free to offer your honest opinion of the jacket.  I can see that it's not ORANGE.   ;D

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