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Re: coffee, french press and espresso
« on: May 05, 2008, 05:07:19 pm »
Just noticed that this thread got started, and had just posted the following in my Skis for Viking's Wife thread:
On the subject of coffee, the French Press makes an excellent brew, and is my preferred method if I'm not drinking espresso.  It is so much more full-bodied than drip coffee through a paper filter.  I've not tried mixing it with frothed milk, but I can imagine it would be good if the brew was strong enough and the milk didn't dilute too much, esp. with a dark roast.

Hey Ron, that cracks me up that you're Finndog.  In case you hadn't twigged on, I replied to your espresso thread on Epic under the SGN moniker.  Too funny! And a nice coincidence.  How do you like the new Anita? Nice machine!

I think the Mazzer is on the top of my list -- top quality, easy to get parts, and the burrs are inexpensive to replace when the time comes.  Sweet! May be one in my kitchen soon.

Lynn, if you find grinding a hassle, you've probably been using a blade grinder (Braun, or the like) where you drop a few tablespoons of beans in the machine for every I right? Those are inconvenient, and give a poor grind (very uneven -- chunks and dust, and everything in between).  If you get a good burr grinder, as Ron suggests, then you just load some beans in the hopper (some hold half a pound) and you're set for a week or more.  Just turn the dial, and presto! Fresh ground coffee in seconds.  Nothing could be easier.  If you're interested in getting one for the French Press, then get one with good burrs, like the Capresso Infinity, Breville, or one of the Baratza's.