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volkl mantra question and great pow session today
« on: January 25, 2008, 06:45:45 pm »
Hi guys,

Just had a big day on the north face of crested butte today with some great pow.  Been here almost 3 weeks and it's getting time to head back tio oz.

Question - I own head supershapes and monster 82's - love em.  Today I demoed the volkl mantra 133/96/116 - really liked it - especially good on the steeps and trees.  My only reservation is it can be a bit stiff at times.  I am loking for a ski to take to Japan (the 82 does not have enough float for me in the deep) - can be bottomlless pow - does anyone know some skis that are comparable to the mantra?  I don't just want a ski that only does pow - needs to have some veratility - the mantra has this - really handles the deep, surpisingly good on the piste for such a wide ski and carves thru the chop. 

Any ideas on some other skis?

Hope you have had some great snow - the conditions here are stellar.

All the best


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