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08 Volkl Racetiger RC
« on: January 23, 2008, 01:08:31 pm »
I got on my new '08 Volkl Racetiger RC's (168 cm) for the first time last night.  This was a clinic event and the temperature was 2 below zero.  I got there about two hours early to get some turns in on this new rig.  Last year my hard snow ski was the Fischer RX-8 (170 cm) for most of the season.  I would describe the Racetiger RC as a "hyper-carver," it's got more than your legs can handle.  Another analogy would be the RX-8 on steriods.  This ski is lightning fast edge to edge and just a blast to ski.  More than once I blasted up to the chairlift line breathing hard.  The ski has a large sweet spot and really wants to run.  I let go of a pair of 07 i.xrc 1200's when I decided to get this Racetiger and there is no comparison.  The Head is obviously a good ski but the energy and fun factor in the Volkl is significantly different.  I gotta give this ski two thumbs up and a strong suggestion for some looking for a "hyper-carver."