Author Topic: What makes a ski good in moguls?  (Read 467 times)


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What makes a ski good in moguls?
« on: November 02, 2006, 07:08:52 pm »
Continuing the topic "Nordica Speed Machine Mach III" and jhski's question what makes a ski good in moguls?? Way back when, before shaped skis dominated the market, a good mogul ski was a softer-flexing version of a slalom ski, just a little shorter.

Here's a link to an article reviewing competition mogul skis.?,26908,344434,00.html

Not much has changed.? A bump ski should be "snappy, light and quick from edge to edge...generally softer... and have relatively no sidecut."? The waist width of the eight skis reviewed ranged from 61 to 73 cm, only one wider than 66.? I don't know how to calculate turn radius from tip-waist-tail dimensions, but my guess is they're in the 20-25 meter range.?

So when you're looking at reviews, besides the obvious mogul icon, or comments in the text about bumps, you could look for lightness and quickness as well as a narrow waist and a long turn radius.? ?Maybe forgiveness is helpful, too, it may indicate a softer flexing ski.

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