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Re: Head RS96 Boots (07)
« on: October 25, 2006, 01:19:51 pm »
thanks!  JB, sorry it I wasn't clear, the heads are very low volume, these will fit for sure. They are very easy to get into and out of . I think which boots I keep are going to to be up to Billy. I am on my way home now and the Atomics should be there. The heads fit so nicely, that with a grind here and a punch there, I will be good to go. What is crystal clear and "painfully" obvious (in that i wasted good money in the past and time) is that a properly fitting boot makes sucha  huge, huge difference. Simply tipping left to right is so immediate. Would I have noticed this 3-4 years ago?  Maybe.  Last two years, yes and that pisses me off! So I have to move forward and be happy I am on the right track now. Stiffness, the Head is perfect, I wouldn't want hem any softer. I tried them on when they were about 45 degrees and they were almost too soft, so i am fine with that aspect as well.  honestly, i don't care what they look like, gary has created a personna that I am stuck with!  But then again, we all envision him standing in his boots wearing womens silk underwear  ;D