Author Topic: Monster owners, where do you install your bindings on your 88's?  (Read 445 times)


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Hey Michael, just saw this post.

You know, I have always felt the same way about bindings. I used to have all my binding mounted 1/2" forward of the standard setting cause that's where centered felt for me....until the magnificent adjustable bindings.

I was in the exact same state of perplexity when I purchase the 82's...should I mount them forward or not.

I know that when I skied my 77's, they performed best in the center position for me where my RX8's work the best forward.

So, I trusted the since the 77's worked well in the center position, logic would follow that the 82's mounted in their standard position should be just fine.

Did an interesting experiment when I brought the newly mounted skis home. I placed them next to my RX8's which were in the forward position. The 82's were 172 and the RX8's were 170's. Taking that into consideration when laying them on the floor side by side, low and behold, the 82's were almost on the very same mounting position as the RX8's.

So at least for the 82's, they appear to be more forward than I would have anticpated in their standard mounting position. This I'm sure will be an optimal position for me on that ski.

Maybe what you can do is to take a pair of your hard charging groomer skis and see how they would compare to the mounting position of the 88's.

Don't know if any of that helps but it's the kind of wacky logic I used.