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The Neutral Zone -- Open Discussion on anything / Roll Call - 2013-14 Ski Season
« Last post by LivingProof on September 18, 2013, 06:06:43 pm »
It's mid-September, the season approaches, and time to get our forum more active. I'm asking those who intend to remain active during the ski year to sign onto this post and offer any thoughts about how we can get back to where we were last winter. We took a very heavy hit at the end of the season when some very active members choose or were asked to stop posting. Then our web hosting site was unavailable for extended periods. Not a good place to be for an internet forum.

I don't want to assign blame for the issues that arose between members; I just need to ask what we can do to make it better. Mistakes were made, and, I burned some bridges myself with words that were less than conciliatory and not well thought out by this moderator. My life experiences with other skiers is we find a way to share the common joy of skiing, rather than choose to clash over differing opinions. Speaking personally, I do not wish to be at odds with anyone over how I think about turning my skis or how well I actually ski...which is not at a very high level, or how others ski. Life is too short for such trivia. 

In a conversation with High Angles last year in Big Sky, he commented that we had a really good thing going in our forum, and, he hoped we could return to where we were. I share in his wish and commit to doing whatever I can to further the forum.

So, I encourage all to start new threads and to comment on posts by others.

What do you think about any of the above?
Gear Garage / Storing skis
« Last post by jim-ratliff on September 06, 2013, 09:20:34 am »
How do you store your skis?  I'm not talking about winter wax or whether or not to lower the DIN settings on the binding.  Where do you put them?

Lynn had a lot of water damage (and reconstruction) in her house this last winter.  We are now (finally) considering whether we want to actually make a place to store the skis, or just continue to lean them against whatever happens to be available.

I know the racks that let you hang your skis by the tips are pervasive, but I'm not enamored of that and several of our skis don't have bindings mounted on them (we travel with two pair of skis but one pair of bindings).

I've also seen the following which is free standing on the floor and wide enough for the sizes of skis that we use?

Thoughts appreciated.  Are your skis organized, or just laying around.  Anyone know of any kind of A-Frame rack that would be free standing and allow skis to be laid horizontally?
Biking and other Non-Skiing Activities / Re: Bike Recommendation...for you
« Last post by jim-ratliff on September 06, 2013, 09:15:00 am »

I'd have to say that I've taken more falls with my mountain bike --- but there is never any automobile traffic around when I do so.  I just heard about two bikers on a highway frequented by bikers and with extremely wide shoulders getting hit by a car going 65 mph by a distracted driver (who is now in jail).

Biking and other Non-Skiing Activities / Bike Recommendation...for you
« Last post by Liam on September 06, 2013, 07:37:11 am »
I have been riding a lot of different bikes this year (shop work has it's bonuses).

My advice for mountain bikers:

1. 650b is for real, and really real if you want 160mm of front and rear travel.  The Norco Sight and Range Killer B bikes are as versatile (and well priced) as any I have ever ridden.

2. BEFORE you go and buy into the whole 650b thing, however, do yourself a favor and Jump on a Cannondale Trigger 1 29er.  Blown away buy this bike, and I can't make sense of it--It's big, burly, it's complex-and yet, it is one of the best handling and best all-day climbing bikes ever.  A real pleasure to ride, especially for the game intermediate who wants to really smooth out the greasy, bumpy challenges of Northeastern Riding.

3. If Hardtails are your passion (as they are mine), you'll still be riding a 29er for years to come (if you are 5'8" or taller, shorter folks will apreciate the 650b a lot more).

4. Mountain biking is safer than road biking...just saying.

Don't know if you guys have seen it yet, but P Keelty has teamed up with Jackson Hogen and revamped the venerable ski gear site that gave birth to this forum long ago.

It reads really well, and, with the influence of Hogen, it looks like Peter has finally come around on wider skis.

That said,  I'm thinking about my gear choices for the season.....I need a new hard snow/ mixed day ski and I think I am going to grab the K2 rictor 82xti....anyone try the revamped 2014 model?


Brit Martyn Ashton has some mind bending skills as well.  I'm amazed that he does this with road tires.

...  and they included another video of the outtakes.

Snow in Colorado!  Lynn was showing me pictures of Telluride and Berthoud Pass.

Fall is feeling closer.
Hi Todd,

Great video! For me, I am blown-away by the skiers ability to flex and absorb the mogul, then do leg extension to keep the skis on the snow in the trough of the bump. Of all the skills advocated to ski bumps, deep flexing is, at least for me, the most difficult body position to get into. Heck, it's demanding to do on dryland: try to lower your butt onto a chair and then stand-back up.

While watching on you-tube, there was a HH video about skiing bump skills using his essentials. Harald stressed flexing, tipping and counter acting the hips, ie turning the hips away from the direction on the turn.

It's still, at least, 4 months before I get to boot-up. But, summer is in decline. Much training to do.
The days are getting shorter and the Loveland snowmaking clock shows only 1 month 25 days 18 hours and 40 minutes until white again begins to cover the mountains.  Pad it with the customary two week delay, and snowmaking is still just around the corner  :)

Take a look at this slow-mo bump skiing video to get yourself drooling for snow.   Personally, I admire his foot work.  What do others see in his skiing?

PS Is Gary or anyone else headed to Portillo this season?  Trip reports ... and spare no details please!
Biking and other Non-Skiing Activities / The Shawangunks in Eastern New York
« Last post by jim-ratliff on July 15, 2013, 09:59:33 pm »

Lynn and I recently spent a day riding the "Gunks" and didn't appreciate until the last half of the day what a beautiful ride it was going to be.  We stopped a local and asked for suggestions and he gave us a great route out on the "back side" to get to the lake we had identified on the map, a nice single track loop around the lake, and then a bit of a climb to get to the ridge line with some beautifully panoramic vistas followed by the the scenic part of the trail following around the rim shown pictures was just enchanting.  In fact the Bushwacka term flowly was what came to both our minds at that point.

There aren't really any physically challenging sections and no real single track where bikes are allowed (but the "carriage trail" around the lake wasn't wide enough for any carriage,  but by the end of the day our legs knew that they had been working. 

We plan to return.  There are waterfalls and other trails we'd still like to visit, and we'll probably take our bike shoes off and go for a swim in the crystal clear lake again.
In the picture below (not taken by me) you can see the hint of an inlet off to the right.  That was the site of the impromptu swim and cool off.
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