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Biking and other Non-Skiing Activities / Re: bike Helmet article
« Last post by Magnum Force on October 25, 2013, 11:00:08 pm »
I just wanted to say that I found this post and the referenced article amazing and informative.
I had always just assumed that all helmets were pretty much the same as long as the were certified by the government.
The Neutral Zone -- Open Discussion on anything / Re: The Child in Me
« Last post by jim-ratliff on October 25, 2013, 05:37:39 pm »

There it is....skiing is and should be about fun and not beating Lynn in any event Jim...cause...she has control of your "ultimate" male smile!   :o ;)

Actually, it really isn't about beating Lynn.  But she does set the performance bar really high, and it is quite gratifying when I can achieve that level of performance.   ;D
Control of my "ultimate" male smile???   Nawww, I'm the master of my own domain, and I think I have her permission to say that. 

Gear Garage / Re: Storing skis
« Last post by jim-ratliff on October 25, 2013, 05:33:33 pm »
And Alice's??    :)
Gear Garage / Re: Storing skis
« Last post by Gary on October 25, 2013, 12:57:27 pm »
Yes, but mine are "Charmin" soft!  :-\
Nice selection of skis Liam..

I go back a long way with Head through the IM series including their 88...

The Rev 105 is truly a different ski..probably not for everyone. I did drop down to the 171 length giving my son my 181..he's 4 inches taller and 70 lbs heavier.

The Rev 105 turns, floats, and bumps amazingly well and even on western groomers...the freakn' thing rips...blew me away.

In all ...there are so so many fine skis out there....the trick is...the right fit!

It might be helpful for those looking for new skis to make a list of the features that are the highpoints of their ideal target ski.

here's one I was playing with just recently involving a pow ski:
   How to find MY Perfect Powder Ski               
   Check the appropriate Box               
Features                                           Point Values         
                                                 5   4   3   2   1   
Tips Surfaces easy                     
Tails easy to Release                  
Light weight feel   more nimble                  
Heavy weight feel   more stable                  
Get's deflected                     
Plows through                     
Ski Centered                     
Drive Shovels                     
Tail Supportive                     
Smears Easily                     
Smears moderatley easy                  
Camber underfoot                     
Turns on edge quick                     
All Day Ski                     
3 hour ski                        
Short turns                     
Medium turns                     
Long Turns                     
Cat and Heli skiing                     
Dry Powder                     
Wet Heavy Powder                     

Some form of this could be helpful in one self evaluating what they really are seeking.

Best, G
The Neutral Zone -- Open Discussion on anything / Re: The Child in Me
« Last post by Gary on October 25, 2013, 07:23:51 am »
Hey had me remembering that day and laughing so hard....even my son didn't recognize me! But thanks for the kind words.

I truly think of skiing as a great "team" sport where we are all winners!

There it is....skiing is and should be about fun and not beating Lynn in any event Jim...cause...she has control of your "ultimate" male smile!   :o ;)


Gear Garage / Re: Storing skis
« Last post by jim-ratliff on October 24, 2013, 04:05:11 pm »

Thanks Gary.  I have looked at the Cozy Winters site and never saw the Power Locks.  That really addresses my concern with skis hanging by the tips and slipping out, and also would allow me to lock the skis in place at various heights.  However, I think Svend's approach may be economically superior.

The Neutral Zone -- Open Discussion on anything / Re: The Child in Me
« Last post by jim-ratliff on October 24, 2013, 03:57:07 pm »

As Living Proof described, I am a thinker and an "over" thinker.  Interestingly, some of my best thinking is when I'm not thinking about it.  A solution to a problem just seems to pop into my head;  I guess my brain has been thinking about whatever without me directing the thinking.

Anyway, for me the "smile" is often AFTER the thinking/concentrating.  The Fairfax County Cross County bike trail has a section that crosses a little stream, about 80 feet across of water 6-10" deep.  First time Lynn didn't make it across, but I did.  That brought a HUGE smile to my face.  Riding through a section that has stymied me in the past also brings an "accomplishment smile."

Even in sports I was pretty good at, the correct behavior still becomes second nature, but you still think about where you need to be.  The smile comes that 1 in 20 times you back up a play, there is an overthrow, and you throw out the runner trying to advance to next base.  That combination of thinking and execution and opportunity always brought a huge (but only inwardly) smile to my face.

For me, I think that is also true of skiing.  It's still not like walking for me; I have to think about what various parts of my body should be doing.  But sometimes (not often enough) the feeling of knowing I did it well is itself a tremendous feeling.

And I definitely agree with LP about the whole other side of skiing, the feelings and the awe of the beauty of nature.  I always remind myself never to get to that point where the act of skiing gets in the way of the experience of skiing; and if I ever ski a whole day without stopping and just looking around, then someone should whack me in the head with their ski pole (gently, please, no concussions).


I looked at a Rev 105, mostly because of the buzz the intrawebs give it...but my last two head skis and I didn't quite mesh.  I loved my old monster 88's,  I got the head Peak 88 Flowride to replace it, which sucked, and I skied the Head RnR 180cm all last season...which I liked in some conditions, but not where I typically least not where I would typically ski a fatter ski.  It's well made, has a nice flex and all that, it just wasn't right for my skiing so i am done with wider head skis for a bit.

I did end up getting the 2014 Ski Logik Occam's Razor (162cm, 11.5m turn) and the 2013 Icelantic Shaman 161cm.  Honestly, these are a pretty stellar east coast quiver (though the shaman win't for everyone, I love it).

I also still have a Skilogik Howitzer 186cm from last season...which is a fine ski and great in open crud and deeper snow.  Not bad in soft snow glades either (but the Shaman is better).

I am selling my 2013 Head RnR (if anyone here is interested-$250.0O flat and 350.00 with the Rossi Axial2 140 XXL bindings that are on it). And my trusty pair of Dynastar Contact 4x4's 172cm with PX 14 bindings (125.00).  Solid skis both-but paying the piper requires some choices.

The Neutral Zone -- Open Discussion on anything / Re: The Child in Me
« Last post by Liam on October 23, 2013, 08:01:06 pm »
Skiing is play.  A day of skiing is a day of playing.  High-end Ski racing is a sport, everything else is playtime.

Yes, play gets better with skill--but being playful on skis is the best part of skiing in my book. 

That's why I still Love Glenn Plake, he just gets the whole high-level of play possible on skis, even as a geezer. 

There's just something wonderful about trying to link as many consecutive 360's on a blue cruiser until you nearly topp;e from gettimg dizzy.  Or trying to squeeze into a space you weren't totally sure you could.  Or going really fast, or going really slow and noodling along the humps, bumps and jumps that outline the edges of every run on every ski resort in America.  Or jumping off of small ledges, or just jumping in the middle of a blue groomer because jumping in the air as you gain speed is fun anywhere on anything (bikes, sneakers, pogo sticks).

I like to play.  Skiing or Otherwise.
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