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Title: Woman's skis -- Head MYA#8, Fischer KOA 88/84
Post by: Svend on March 16, 2013, 04:26:37 pm
Hey Mike:

Speaking of the Rev 85, this week at Lake Louise my 17 y-o daughter demoed the women's version of this ski, called the Mya 8 (same build, sidecut, binding; slightly softer flex).  She loved it.  Her skiing was the best that I think I have ever seen - a huge improvement in confidence.  Conditions were firm groomers, some scraped off icy patches, no fresh snow in a week.  They handled it all with aplomb.  Just a great ski.  Her Elan twin tips are now officially for sale, and these are on my radar for a purchase for next season.

Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: jim-ratliff on March 16, 2013, 06:19:20 pm
Lynn is still looking for a replacement for her Fischer Muangas with another mid 80's waist. I reember one ofyour daughters also skis the Muanga, and the Mya 8 was one Lynn was looking to demo.
Can you extrapolate from the 17yr old's testing as to Muanga upgrade potential?
Lynn really likes the light feel and easy flex of the Muanga's, so is looking to retain that in a ski that handles crud a little better and doesn't have as much tip chatter at speed.
She is 5'5" and 120 lbs; 156 or 163 for a length?

Thanks. J/L
Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: Svend on March 16, 2013, 09:43:09 pm
Hey Jim,

Our younger daugther, age 14, skis the Fischer Maunga.  As it happens, she is also looking forward to an upgrade, as she has somewhat outgrown this ski wrt. length and performance.  It was our older daugther, 17, who skied the Mya 8 for a day at Louise, although her younger sister clicked into those for a couple of runs too.  Since the younger one is similar in height and weight to Lynn, and she skis the Maungas as well, and since she has a wee bit of "ski sense", I will pass on her comments rather than those of her sister.

Almost verbatim:
- felt heavier on the snow than the Maungas, but in a good way (more planted); not too heavy; felt light on the snow when being skied.
- very stable, quiet
- no chattering...none
- easy to turn and get up on edge
- not as fast as the Maungas (could have been the tune)
- more suited to wide GS turns
- much harder for short slalom-type turns; way more work
- flex easily in crud
- skied well in bumps
- excellent edge hold on hard snow; bring you right around in a large arc; no skidding on scraped off ice; trustworthy
- not as lively as the Maungas; not as springy; somewhat less pop
- stiffer than the Maungas; more drive and power

So, those are her impressions based on two long runs at Louise (3500 ft. vertical each, down the frontside).

Not much to pass along in way of comments from the elder sister - sorry.  She is rather disinterested in the tech/gear side of this sport.  Although the fact that she was ready to trade in her beloved twin tips for the Mya 8 after only an hour on the latter, kind of says it all, don't you think?

My impressions now:  overall, the Mya is substantially more ski than the Maunga.  My feeling is that it would make a worthy upgrade.  Has a more supple, powerful flex to it; a bit less snap.  Some reviews I have read say that it has a high performance ceiling, but is not demanding and is easy to ski, much like it's analogue the Rev 85.  Would suit a finesse skier; but may be overpowered by a heavier and/or more aggressive power skier.

As for length, definitely the 163.  It has a bit of early rise, so the running length is probably close to that of the 159 cm Maunga.  The demo ski was a 163, and it was a breeze for both girls to handle.  The elder sister would have done well on a 170, as she is about 5'8" / 140 lbs.  This would primarily be Lynn's go-to western ski, I take it, so a 156 will probably feel way too short on a big mountain.

As mentioned, it is slightly softer than the Rev, but is no wimp; it is heavier than the Fischer, but not a boat anchor, and has a light snow feel.

Hope that helps.  Definitely worth a demo.

Another possibility:  has Lynn considered the Fischer Koa 84 or 88? I was checking out the 88 in a shop last week, and it looked like a mighty sweet ski. 

Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: jim-ratliff on March 16, 2013, 11:10:03 pm
Excellent "review" by your daughter. Please let her know that, due to her excellent report and ski acumen, she has earned the right to a complimentary (FREE) PeakSkiers subscription whenever she would like to exercise said privilege.

And tell her thanks.  :). And thanks for the KOA idea as well.  Prior years might be hard to find, but would be a good choice if I could find a pair.
Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: Svend on March 17, 2013, 09:57:21 pm
Hey Jim, she was pretty tickled to be contributing here.  Not sure if she will take up your generous offer of a free membership.  Hanging in the same 'hood as the old geezer (=Dad) so cool.  ::) 

She does have a pretty good "feel" for all things ski, and can pick out differences and changes in gear such as boot alignment, footbeds, binding mount position, etc., almost immediately.  She is very in tune that way.  Pretty rare, I would guess, for a 14 year old girl.

FWIW, she is really addicted to the light, agile Fischer feel.  Very playful, light underfoot and light on the snow, and she loves the fun factor that those skis have.  As much as she liked the Head Mya, I think the next ski for her will be another Fischer...probably the Koa 88.  Carrying on her theme, as it were, as she is skiing the Progressor 8 and the Maunga at present.  A natural upgrade.  Time to start the hunt for a good deal....

By contrast, her elder sister did not at all like either of the afore-mentioned Fischers, and greatly preferred the damp, solid feel of the Heads.  In fact, upon realizing that her Elan twin tips were no longer up to the task, she skied Mom's Dynastar Legends for the rest of the week, and killed it on those.  Another damp, solid ski.  First run comments: "These are way too fast! I can't ski these!" Second run, and all subsequent:  "WooHoo!!!"

To each her own....  ;D

Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: jim-ratliff on March 18, 2013, 08:52:14 am
That pretty much matches Lynn's assessment; she really loves the light, responsive feel of the Muanga's, and felt like the Isis (at 90mm) was heavy and slow to respond.
We'll keep our eyes open for KOA 84's -- I have more faith in that width for a light person and the 88 is a relatively newer ski.  Let me know what you learn about the two skis  and how much rocker they have.
Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: Perry on March 18, 2013, 10:50:22 am
Gloria has the Koa 84 and loves it.  She is not quite the skier that Lynn is but for Gloria it is a really great all rounder.
Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: Svend on March 18, 2013, 01:04:47 pm
I have not seen a Koa 84 in a shop, so have not been able to check it out wrt. flex, rocker, etc.  The 88 sure looked nice though.  A few cm tip rocker...about 5 cm I would estimate; none in the tail; nice even flex; supple; not too stiff; not too soft; torsionally stiff; light weight....just a really sweet looking ski all around.  Looked like a perfect upgrade to the Maunga.  If the 84 is similar, it would be equally suitable - I have read excellent reviews on the 84, and likewise the 88 for that matter.  I am comfortable getting the 88 for my daughter, as this would be primarily her western soft snow ski with the odd duty on scraped off or wind-blown.  We're starting to do more and more off-piste, so the extra width in the 88 and length of a 168 would be just perfect. 

Hope this helps....

Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: jim-ratliff on March 19, 2013, 11:11:13 am
Gloria has the Koa 84 and loves it.  She is not quite the skier that Lynn is but for Gloria it is a really great all rounder.
What year of KOA 84 does Gloria have. As Svend said, I think the past 2 years the KOA has "All-Mountain" rocker, which is early rise tip only. Do you remember anything about earlier years?
Title: Re: Re: Head Rev 85 review
Post by: Perry on March 19, 2013, 11:27:56 am
Gloria's Koa is about 2-3 years old with no rocker.  good even flex pattern, predictable, good float for someone weighing 130lbs, does crud and groomers.  No feedback on bumps as she doesn't like them  ;D
Title: Re: Woman's skis -- Head MYA#8, Fischer KOA 88/84
Post by: jim-ratliff on March 19, 2013, 05:04:52 pm
According to the Fischer brochures, the 2013 KOA 84 & 88, have "Freeride" rocker, which is tip and tail (the tail rocker may be pretty minimal?). Last years 84 is listed as "all mountain" rocker, which I believe is just tip early rise.