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Title: Ski Logik Howitzer 186cm
Post by: Liam on January 17, 2013, 07:01:46 am
Well, I have now had 3 pretty good days on this ski:  One heavy 16 inch day (on NO base), a 5 inch day on top of the aforementioned 16 (which is pretty epic stuff for Massachusetts), and yesterday's 5 inch f very dense/ damp snow. 

So, my review:  This is the first ski I have owned that has any sort of rocker to it-it has a modestly rockered tip, decent camber under foot and a non-rockered (twin-tip, though) tail.  22m turn radius, with 110mm underfoot mounted with a Marker Griffon on the manufacture recommended line.

Strengths:  This ski is LIGHT, I mean, really light, and yet, on the whole, it is pretty stiff (a solid medium) as well.  The Carbon/ wood sandwich lay-up yields a very dynamic, steady but easy to flick around ski (for such a big ski).  It has amazing float, and, like most rockered tip designs will respond pleasantly to pivoting movements in deep and funky snow.

In chop and crud, it works better if you try to 'carve' rather than pivot of drift.  What is nice, is that it has enough guts to slice chunky soft and irregular snow without deflection.  It is not a true crud annihilator-like the Icelantic Shaman-but it is also a more playful and maneuverable ski than the shaman, and floats better in Pow to boot.

It is a fairly competent deep snow tree ski (east coast), I'm not sure that I prefer it to my old Nomad Sft, in those conditions, the howitzer certainly floats better, but the old Nomad SFT was wonderful at snaking through east coast tight glades....I'd really like to hook up with a Nomad RKR.

It's a very easy ski to ski, no real learning curve needed.  It doesn't feel funky or unique, it just feels like a pretty predictable wider ski.

Oh, I have the tiger is really eye catching.

I don't love it on hard snow, or crud piles with long hard sections in between (a common post storm condition in the east).  By the end of the day yesterday I had switch back to the Head Rock n Roll.  Anybody who say this ski (or any ski of this size and shape) rips on groomers or hard snow ought to be ignored.  You can make it turn, and if the groomers are soft enough, it is not wholly unpleasant, but anything truly firm ought to be avoided on this ski.

The Howitzer is a very capable, well-made, and easy to ski BIG ski for big ski skiing.  It's light and quick (probably a great AT ski for big back bowls).  It handles adverse and irregular snow really well.   
Title: Re: Ski Logik Howitzer 186cm
Post by: HighAngles on January 17, 2013, 08:28:32 pm
I'd like to see how this ski handles in deep snow.  I skied it a couple seasons ago on hard groomers and was not enamored with its performance in those conditions.  For comparison, the Nordica Patron, of similar dimensions and intent, is absolutely competent on groomers and yet skis deep snow with absolute aplomb.  I would say the same of my DPS 112RP skis.

BTW - My avatar is on the Patron.
Title: Re: Ski Logik Howitzer 186cm
Post by: Liam on March 04, 2013, 04:46:42 pm
I have a friend who has been killing it on the Wailer 99's.  I'd love to ski the 112's, you really liked them on the groomed that much?  You look good on the Patrons!

As to the Ski Logik's, I like them more and more (way more than I ever liked the Ullr's Chariots), they are very easy to ski, smooth in awkward situations.  I don't hate them on less than firm groomers (I haven't really used them on hard groomers).