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Title: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Gary on January 26, 2012, 04:35:28 pm
Well after my experience in Jackson Hole last week (attack of the gobulent snow fall), I wanted something a bit more than the MX78 to plow through the mush. I've had my eye on the Kastle FX84 for about 2 seasons but thought my western quiver fairly comfortable.

I found an ok deal on the 84 (last one in the country I could find) and it arrived yesterday with the Marker Jester adjustible binding. So...bases checked, bindings checked, edges checked, 3 hot waxes and a scrap, 1 coat of Swix red, it was off to our local mountain this afternoon. I don't know about you guys but anytime I get new gear, that first time on the mountain is always an anxious moment...yeah...lik e a first date.

First thing I noticed was the standard binding location was to far back for me...a quick turn of the screw and I'm on top of the world....crazy how 1 centimeter can make a ski go from stubborn to co-operative. AND I had the ideal conditions to test the sk if I called Mother Nature and pleaded. It was 37 degrees, raining (she threw that in for giggles) and the snow was soft mashed pushed around spring snow. First thing I noticed was the ski arc's differently than the MX78. The spoon shape of the shovel allows it to push through the snow differently than the 78.  I like it for the conditions, seemed more connected. It has the same turning radius as the 78 so I felt right at home there. So I let some long turns rip and the ski was very stable, I think more so than the 78 would have been in those conditions. Short and medium turns were easy as pie...the 84 builds confidence.

So after the first day in these condtions....I'm very happy....Figure I could take this and the DPS for western skiing and I think I'd have better coverage for western conditions...much more to come. But so far....rock stable, easy and quick turning and large on the fun factor.

Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: midwif on January 27, 2012, 10:19:35 am
And the stable grows....... ;D
Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Svend on January 27, 2012, 11:56:59 am
Hey Gary -- Congrats on the new babies! Well done.  And nice skis, my friend!  Those should be fantastic for you.

Interesting design, too.  I just checked out the specs on the Kastle site, and I really like what they've done with the FX line.  Hook-free shovel and tail geometry; modest sidecut; two very thin Ti layers to keep the layup thin and light but strong; and Hollowtech shovel and tail to keep swing weight down.  Most impressive.  Looking at all that in combination, it should be an extremely versatile ski, which is exactly what you're looking for.  Do post back here with a review once you've had a few days under you.

The FX94 might be a great choice for Terryl....if she ever will part with her favourite Dynastars...  She was quite taken with the performance of the BMX98's that she skied those two days in Jackson last week, but was missing a bit of playfulness, is all.  Perhaps the FX94s would be the ticket, being perhaps a bit lighter....?

Good on ya.....ENJOY!!!

Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: LivingProof on January 28, 2012, 07:24:53 pm
And the stable grows....... ;D

Please, tell me you are shocked and surprised that G did this addition.  :o

All I know is that I followed him down many runs at Bristol, and, he was just turning them all over the hill. Carve, brush whatever! Then he did the same thing today with his MX 78's. The man can ski. He's smiling...end of story. Kastle's are a good thing.

More war stories to follow from our days at HoliMount. Hmmm, will they keep up 2 ski lengths following HelluvaSkier? Answer comes tomorrow night.
Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: SnowHot on January 29, 2012, 07:56:13 am
Last year my quiver was MX78 and FX84........Great combination for hard snow and off piste skiing.   :D
Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Gary on January 31, 2012, 03:10:44 pm
Hey lady....hope all is well for you guys...nice hearing from you!
I really got a chance to know the 84 with 5 days of skiing mixed snow, crud and pow. I did use all the skis but found the 84 such a pleasure and easy rider....plenty of punch, pow, and cruisabiility in a variety of conditions.

It's def a keeper....thank you for your input.

I know there are probably less costly and equally performing skis but one thing I really like about the FX84 is how it quiets down vibrations with the rubber material builit in the ski.  Good choice for me paying dividends the last 5 days of skiiing.

Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Gary on March 26, 2012, 12:36:20 pm
Having recently purchased the 84's and with 0 expectations, I packed my MX78, FX84, and DPS on my trip to Banff....yeah, I know..ALOT of overkill.

I knew the DPS were only going to come out in sloppy spring snow or some deep pow...The unknown was if the snow was crusty and hard early morns...would the 84's fit the bill. So I brought the 78's with their new set up and must say on THE perfect groomer snow sunny day at Mt. Norquay, they were a blast leaving trenchs and hyper carves all over the place. Even in the crud and glades they were fun and manageable.

I was however pleasantly surprised with the versatility and turnablity (same radius as the 78's) of the 84's. This ski gobbled up the crud, the bumps, and chunk along the edges and even some pow in the bowls. Lay down tracks on the groomers, I was not disappointed. It didn't have that hard charge Balls TTW feel but could crank out some pretty awesome hold your butt in their speed turns. Where it truly shined for me was in the bumps, glades and softer crud crunch stuff....the tip and tail are just a wee bit softer than the MX model making it easier to 2 foot it up and down and around the trail banks, trees, bumps..etc. Overall, lot's of energy that is very manageable and predictable. on 84 underfoot...whowuda thunk! month when I head back up....the 84's have their "performed in action" medal along with the Banana's! Now if a freak snow storm of that pefect pow fall....and fall and keep falling...we be smiling!  :D ;D :D ;D  G
Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Svend on March 27, 2012, 05:32:18 pm
Hey Gary, watching you ski those in Banff, it was pretty obvious that those are very versatile skis.  But what impressed me the most was how they performed in deeper soft snow.  The Paradise Bowl had 12 to 18 inches of pushed around soft snow piles mixed with patches of 1/2 day old untracked powder.  The 84's just seemed to track perfectly through that stuff.  No deflection, no tip dive, great stability and power, great float.  No need for a wider ski, it seems, until you hit a heaven-sent dump of really deep snow.

Nice one.  Excellent choice for you.  You'll have many more years of fun on those.
Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Gary on March 28, 2012, 08:38:56 am
Thanks Svend.....they were a blast and the perfect ski for the day considering we were in loose soft snow to the bowl snow and traveling some groomed and bump runs to get there. They were so easy to transition from the MX78's and made skiing that kind of terrain so much more relaxing. Now....the DPS probably would have come out if the snow was that way ALL over the lips to God's ears!  ;D

Oh Mikey.....Svend said "You'll have many more years of fun on those." AND indeed I will! My quiver is satiated!  8)


Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: LivingProof on March 28, 2012, 12:15:18 pm

Oh Mikey.....Svend said "You'll have many more years of fun on those." AND indeed I will! My quiver is satiated!  8)



Need some claification about which of "THOSE" skis being referrenced. Are not really stating that there will be no quiver changes in the 12-13 season? Satiated has a very short half-life for you and JB.

PS, you may have missed it but at the GAthering I demo'd LX82's that just made me smile on a mini powder day.
Title: Re: Kastle FX84 added
Post by: Gary on March 28, 2012, 12:28:05 pm
Ha...Mike....yes... clarify...Loving the MX78's with the 33mm of lift with the Head bindings...feel like a totally new ski, of course th FX84 and the Dps....stay in the quivver.

So....not thinking there's a need to add or replace anything for the 12-13 ski season.. :-\ I"m sure :-[ I mean, why would I ???

Seriously,....things are working great... ::)

Yes, I did see your comment on the LX82. I've heard it's a fun ski one that last time I skied with John Clendenin, he was on a pair and loving them too.

For you sir....any potential additions to your quiver? My brother in law James whom you met at HV....just purchased a pair of the Kastle MX88's. He's had limited time on them but so far ....he's loving them. He's been skiing the Head SS Magnum and had to put on his spurs with the MX88's. one more out west trip left in ya....heading to Banff in April with Svend.....
Best, G