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Re: What liners are in your ski boots
« on: November 08, 2010, 10:14:03 am »
Guys I'm having a hard time believeing that given how well the shell conforms to my foot in my Raptor, where I have no movement or hollow spots if I could be sold on the value of a foam liner....

I'm thinking that if the shape of one's foot does not match up to the contour of the shell in it's stock form or modified, then herein lies the perfect user for the foam liner.

My opinion.? There's a big difference in the liner for a Raptor or other higher end boot (and some manufacturers actually source Intuition liners as their "stock" liner for high end boots) and lower level boots.? In Lynn's case, they took a softer flexing boot in a smaller size to try and get a narrow boot that wasn't too stiff for her, and then ground/stretched to get the length she needed.? The stock liner would have probably been too short, and for sure the foam liner helped take up extra space as far as overall foot width and her very low volume instep.

I am considering trying Zipfits or Intuitions in a year or so just so I can see for myself what others rave about.
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