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« on: March 25, 2007, 12:57:47 pm »
Just joined realskiers . . . happy to support Peter Keelty's (and others) work!? Here's the feedback:

I'm not spotting a way to provide feedback about technical problems unless my browser is linked to an email client by default, which it isn't on the public computers I have access to.

I couldn't submit a question from . . . and on techsupportforskier, that's touted as a benefit of subscribing!

Could the brand name suggestions about insoles on techsupport be included in the realskier site??

I was using techsupportforskier s to help select skis to demo.? It appeared that only 2007 models, and not many, were included.? I would have subscribed sooner if I'd known that I could get info on more currently sold skis through realskiers.? Just for example, one retailer said I could demo the Volkl Attiva AC2, and another, the Head Cool Thang -- but no info at all on techsupport, or an indication that realskiers would have lots of info on it.? Just a suggestion that the current presentation on techsupport of the 30-sec. reviews of a few skiis makes one think that realskiers will have similarly limited number of reviewed, currently available skis.

Oh, and here's a gripe about Eastern Pennsylvania retailers:? they are offering skiis to demo like the Head Cool Thang and the Nordica Olympia Fox, and the K2 Commanche 2com as a high performance rental!!? Even the Nordica site made it clear that the Fox was for beginners!!!? It's a jungle out there without techsupport and realskiers!!!? I did waste some time on the Cool Thang because techsupport had no info on it . . . and it wasn't clear that realskiers would have more 2007 skis listed.

Thanks for your wonderful site!!

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