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Re: OutDry Gloves
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:59:36 am »
Todd brings back a memory of a semi-sweet day. Great skiing in some intense rain.

Todd may recall that I was a participant in that Epic thread about MH Outdry gloves. Put my money where my mouth is and purchased a pair, skied with them all last season. I'm still smiling. Great waterproof gloves with high capability to vent trapped moisture from building up inside the glove. I did not ski with them in really cold weather as it was very moderate last year. They do have removable liners and as the temps rose I would take the liners out. Mountain Hardware has a life time satisfaction guarantee that was a factor in my decision to buy.

High Angles has high praise for MH's Outdry jackets. I've come close to pulling the trigger on the Alacasm model, just can't get past the fact I've too many jackets already.

As Ron still lurks here, I'm sure he's smiling at Todd's matter/antimatter analogy. In technique and equipment, it sure exists, gloves may be the middle ground.

And, Todd, I hope we can make some turns in non-liquid precipitation this season. I may try the PMTS eastern event if the dates are good.