Author Topic: I'm really enjoying the NEW Expert skier site! Thinking gear choices...  (Read 2063 times)


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How sad....separated from a beloved pair of skis.  What's up with that? Did you sell them? Loaned to a friend? Stored at a friend's, awaiting your return?
Hi Svend,

My Rev 85's went from Big Sky to Tahoe so that Philpug could remount the bindings I had purchased/installed at BS. They were mounted to far back and it really impacted the way the Rev's skied. I liked the Rev's, with the caveat that they were just too close to my Hart Pulse skis. High Angles had cautioned me about this when I did my purchase. Phil sold them in his ski shop Labor Day Sale for pretty much what I paid for skis/bindings, so, I have a credit at Start Haus. The buyer is an Epic member from Oregon. Phil and I will work something out, maybe The Ski  that I demo'd for a day in Big Sky. Good Carver, soft tips for bumps.


I did read the Real Skiers reviews for you proposed K2 purchase and they were very positive. The reviews of the K2 line were very much in line with Phil's thinking they want to make skis that the public will enjoy skiing. I'll have to demo some K2's this season.