Author Topic: Too many choices?!  (Read 1602 times)


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Re: Too many choices?!
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2006, 04:35:58 pm »
Well Uncle Neil...if you look at Peters review for the 04-05 and then the 05-06...they're pretty dawgone the same ski!!

Same numerical rating,....same terrain rating...and if you can buy them right...pull zee trigger. No regrets mon ami!

With where you ski, the conditions you ski....I think you've got a winner.

I'm assumming the 04-05 comes with the railflex binding. I ski the 170 length with the binding in the forward position. I think if you get the ski and it has the railflex, start it in the center position and then experiment to see where you like the performance better.

Let us know what you decide....

Au voir!