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Re: What liners are in your ski boots
« on: November 09, 2010, 03:33:28 pm »
I skied my new Raptor 150 boots with Head stock liners on Friday at Loveland. The shell on the 150's is a tighter fit than that of the 130's and my foam liners don't fit in the 150's. I was out of those boots by lunch. Way too much slop and my feet were getting abrasions rubbing up against the liner. I discovered very quickly that I can't ski in anything but the foam liners. Even more importantly, if you tip your feet, especially to the little toe edge and do this agressivley, without foam liners my feet just get trashed by pushing up against hard plastic. Hence by noon, my feet didn't want to do ths anymore and my skiing quickly degraded.

Gary, yes there is a 3-7 day break in period for the liners. In Montana where it is cold, I was able to ski the whole day on my second day and they felt pretty good by day 4 or 5. By 10 days they are awesome. These liners are not only very comfortable when broken in, but they help you ski better if you use any tipping forces. Great product.