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Re: OutDry Gloves
« on: November 13, 2012, 08:48:21 pm »
Since I skied with them this weekend and the universe appears largely intact, I'm betting that he sold them long ago. (Ron and I are like matter and anti-matter -- let us occupy the same niche and kaboom! )

LOL -- being a physicist, you would know.   ;)  Wouldn't want to ride in the same gondola with both of you guys. 

....since some of the best NE skiing is in the rain.

I never would have believed that until two years ago Gary and his diminutive but forcefully persuasive wife literally blackmailed my family and I to ski at their local hill (upstate NY) in a steady light rain and drizzle.  All of us were repulsed by the idea of getting soaked from the rain, but to our delight, the snow was fantastic and we all had a blast.  Intermittent thick fog was added just to make it interesting.  I've since skied in the rain several times here at Blue, and just love it now. 

Good luck with the gloves, Todd....

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